How You Should Structure a Training Plan for a Sprint Triathlon

So you’re entering a sprint triathlon, and don’t know how to go about training? Here is a guide to training that should set you on the right course! 

First of all, disregard gear, stroke methodology, swimming fast, or triathlon transitions.

The most important aspect of preparing for doing a sprint distance triathlon will definitely be your workout program itself. A strong triathlon training program for a sprint triathlon is going to have you going in the proper path, so to speak, from your starting point onward. So exactly how do you establish a “solid” deal when there is so much noise out there about the greatest method to get in shape for this pastime?

Start by taking into consideration where you happen to be beginning from. Are you a couch potato that needs to master how to swim as well as ramp up your exercise amount little by little? Or, are you at the moment exercising several days a week, and just looking for a new kind of challenge or goal in your life?

If you are in good condition already, as well as understand the basics of swimming, you will have no problem jumping in to a training routine. Frequently times, this is going to consist of about 9-12 weeks, where you are swimming, biking, as well as running 3 times per week each. For a sprint, the race distances can fluctuate.

Nonetheless, by the time your triathlon is upon you, you need to be able to do each distance of the race on consecutive days. As an example, if your race is a 500 meter swim, 20k bike, as well as 5k run, do the swim on Monday, the bike Tuesday, and the run Wednesday. If you are currently at a point where you haven’t worked out much in a while, and entering a triathlon was a move you made to force yourself to get in better shape, you definitely made a very good choice!

Your training program will be a little unique, nonetheless. Instead of starting with running, just begin walking daily. After a week or so, jog a little bit. Slowly increase your pace until you have the ability to simply run a couple miles without a problem.

Same detail will apply to cycling. You might have the ability to go for longer earlier, on the other hand don’t be tempted to overdo it!

The swim is another story. If you are not accustomed to swimming, or don’t know just how to swim, do not be embarrassed to take it from the beginning. Practice submerging your face and blowing bubbles. Really!

In my many years of swim teaching, I have actually run into various real novices that should start at this fundamental level. The good thing regarding a sprint triathlon is that you don’t have to go very far in the water. So, shift from the basic swimming techniques to balancing in the water.

As soon as you have balance (or good feel for the water), you can easily endure a traditional sprint swim distance – even if you finish towards the back of the swim pack.

In general, your program really should look something like this:

Monday: Swim
Tuesday: Bike & Run
Wednesday: Swim
Thursday: Bike & Run
Friday: Swim
Saturday: Bike
Sunday: Run

Some people need or want that one day a week of total rest. You can easily always double up on some days if this describes you.

So there you have your sprint triathlon training program for your upcoming event! Persevere, be consistent, have fun with your training,  and you will most likely be satisfied with your results on race day.

For more information on a training plan for a sprint triathlon, check out our website at


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